EDUCAST’s vision is to use cutting-edge technology for the purpose of making difference in the life of a common person through using innovative technologies in areas of Healthcare, Education, Skill Development, Sanitation, Nutrition & Food Security.

Social Enterprise

EDUCAST operates as a group in both modes as For-Profit and also as Not for Profit segments with similar BRAND. It generates funds through its commercial operations to be used in creating and funding projects in for-profit segment. EDUCAST believes in collaboration and joint venture which results in quick growth and timely penetration

Our Core Values

EDUCAST treats its core values as the DNA of the organization: It ensures that all its employees are working towards the same goals. The concept of employees taken as colleagues and friends in our organization and keeping the discipline intact. Our core values support the organization’s vision and shape its culture.
Ongoing & Upcoming


We brought at


In 2017 EDUCAST targeting an opportunity of retraining the much needed female doctors, who had left profession due to their social and family compulsions. It made academic collaboration with leading Medical University in Sindh Province, Dow University of Health Sciences and Dow Graduate Association of North America ( DOGANA) and started online refresher medical education to the thousands of all such Pakistan female doctors, and launched eDoctor – www.edoctor.net.pk.
An initiative was taken by Educast to prepare 10,000 successful entrepreneurs in the next 5 years, which will become the backend workforce for “Belt & Road Initiative” who will be rich in cross-border trade, eCommerce & data mining skills. Educast has been successfully running its 1st batch comprising 50 entrepreneurs in Dawood University.
During the pandemic Educast arranged course on Covid-19 Training for Healthcare professionals by Stanford University’s Emergency Medicine. A Training Program made by Standford University’s Center for Medical Education& Digital Medic & Designation for eDoctors working on the Government of Sindh’s teleconsultation & counseling services to COVID-19 Home Isolation patients
A jointly funded project by PAIMAN, USAID, John Hopkins, and JSI. Educast successfully established a 24/7 call center where we provided 10 e-doctors, efficiently working round the clock. Through toll-free calls, the doctors were able to connect the patients to OBGYN specialists and provide maternal and child health support for 24 districts.
With growing numbers of eDoctors ( Female Doctors who are out of practice and are being brought back by EDUCAST in academic collaboration with Medical Institutes), EDUCAST was facing pressure from this Female eDoctor for their work experience and their zeal and interest to come back in practice with patients. This brought in discussion with HANDS (leading NGO, operating in over 40 districts of Pakistan- (www.hands.org.pk) to work with Educast technology platform and qualified licensed female doctor network and provide a network in which these can work from their home by opening a small clinic, as well as operating online.
EDUCAST through its Not for Profit Wing Educast Society started working to establish Tele Centers in War Zones of Yemen, to use innovative maternal Child healthcare and online Training in different locations in the South of Yemen. In this context Project, Yemen Tele Center was initiated through funding by EDUCAST Group.

Highly Expertise



EDUCAST is an Educational Technology platform offering Teaching & Training services for Students. EDUCAST rose as a premier destination for affordable education – anytime, anywhere, and in major courses. Our philosophy has been that all students can learn if taught. We brought in this belief with a sense of purpose and high expectations for all of our students.


EDUCAST has always caused an impact in healthcare division by using its innovative cutting-edge technology. With rich experience in tele-health initiatives, Educast stand out in seeking new ventures in eHealth Services. Currently Educast is working with several global reputed organizations for serving society with best healthcare solutions and minimizing healthcare hazards.


EDUCAST through its not for-Profit Wing Educast Society takes social initiative. The purpose of Social projects by Educast is to provide timely and cutting-edge healthcare & contribution to society.